NEWS - 22.10.18 …..Clinivac receives notification of grant of EU patent

clinivac cleans-up dirty mess leaving the vacuum & you totally clean

No dirty nozzle, hose or collection chamber. 

No handling of the full bag.

Clinivac is a new type of patented wet and dry vacuum cleaner that safely and quickly cleans up the type of stuff you wouldn't want to handle let alone vacuum into your regular vacuum - i.e. nasty spills such as human or animal waste. 

It uses a compostable liner from the inlet tube to the collection chamber to capture and contain waste allowing the vacuum to stay clean at all times.

Whether someone is sick at a restaurant table, in a swimming pool  or unable to make it to the toilet in time at a mall or retirement home  - accidents happen and someone needs to clean it up quickly and safely to prevent any spread of potentially nasty germs.

Clinivac is easily deployed and familiar to use -  safely containing and removing the problem.

Protecting our Emergency Services

clinivac quickly and easily cleans up either the floor of an Emergency Room or back of an Ambulance - safely containing everything in a sealed hospital grade bag.

Clinivac | Safely vacuum's waste from the pool without contaminating you or the vac

Protecting you at play

our pool version will provide the first deployable solution that doesn't contaminate the vacuum allowing the untrained user to safely and quickly capture human waste.

Clinivac | Sealable vacuum cleaner | cleans eveything you wouldn't want to touch

Protecting your employees

with the duty of employers to identify, assess and control the risks to their employees - clinivac provides a safe, less hands-on alternative to either a Spill Kit or the mop and bucket! 

Environmentally Friendly

clinivac is made of 40% less plastic than a conventional wet/dry vacuum cleaner and 

the disposable liner can be biodegradable/compostable.


clinivac can capture wet or dry waste

It can be supplied as a powerful stand alone wet and dry vacuum cleaner or as an add-on to an existing vacuum cleaner.

Bags can be supplied with a sachet of granules such a chlorine or surfactant/disinfectant that disperse inside the bag as it deploys

Our dry bag comes with an internal filter to capture the finest of particles keeping everything sealed inside the bag for safe, no touch disposal.

Bags can range from eco friendly to hospital grade (colour coded and tied).