NEWS - 5.12.18...EU Patent Grant Published...18.12.18 UK Patent 2 accepted fast track

clinivac cleans-up JUST ABOUT ANY dirty mess leaving the vacuum & you totally clean

No dirty nozzle, hose or collection chamber. 

No handling of the full bag.

Clinivac is a new type of wet and dry vacuum cleaner providing the dual function of a totally clean vacuum system along with all the features and uses of a conventional wet dry vacuum.

In clean use mode, Clinivac quickly and safely vacuums everything into a sealed impermeable bag. The bag can be compostable, Hospital or Industrial grade containing a HEPA filter for one time use in commercial hazardous vacuums.

Clinivac then uses a hi-tech sponge, called Pleco after the cleaner fish, made of compostable cellulose to clean the outside and inside of the inlet tube removing any residue.

Clinivac is adaptable, easily deployed and familiar to use -  safely containing and removing the problem leaving you and your vacuum totally clean.

Photo - shows the Clinivac clean system fitted to an existing third party vacuum.

Protecting our Emergency Services

Clinivac quickly and easily cleans up either the floor of an Emergency Room or back of an Ambulance - safely containing everything in a sealed hospital grade bag.

Protecting you at play

Our pool vacuum will provide the first deployable solution that doesn't contaminate the vacuum allowing the untrained user to safely and quickly capture human waste.

Protecting your loved ones

Pet waste left in the back yard or garden can pass harmful germs to humans, particularly children who may be unaware of the dangers. 

Max, our pet vacuum, captures and seals pet waste in a compostable bag for safe, no touch disposal.